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Brittany Mondido

From once believing she “had it all” to redefining what that means to her, meet Brittany Mondido, the visionary behind An ARM’s Reach Global™, a conscious education and media company devoted to human evolution through heart consciousness.


Brittany, known as a Teacher of Love, had been working in the Healthcare industry for over 10-years and decided to take a chance and explore new paths that led her on her own healing journey.


Not knowing where this journey would take her, she began exploring various arts including QiGong, Kung Fu, Muay Thai and Yoga as well as training with the Masters of The Shaolin Temple that supported her to connect to the truth of who she is “beneath it all.”


Driven by her own experience with trauma, Brittany began studying various approaches to healing including Ancestral Trauma, Somatic Experiencing®, Psychology, Quantum Energetics and Eastern Medicine among many others. Brittany's unique perspective on healing places heart-awareness at its core encouraging others to embark on their own spiritual path.


Brittany's mission is to leave a legacy of love behind for all life to nourish from while creating a more trauma-informed and heart-conscious world, with a strong emphasis on cultivating a more enlightened humanity.


Brittany has forged partnerships with heart-centered organizations around the world with similar missions of contributing to the evolution of the world, its people, and the planet. She is also actively involved with future-generation initiatives working closely with education systems and non-profit organizations worldwide especially in her local community in New York City.


In addition to her work with An ARM's Reach Global™, Brittany is the Author of "A Moment in Silence: The Space Between That Changes Your Life" and is the creator of "The ARMS Method™" based on her own life journey. The method emphasizes Awareness, Responsibility, Making Different Decisions, and Spiritual Art of Surrendering: inviting others to live and lead more fulfilling lives.


The core of her teaching is heart consciousness, reminding us of the boundless power of love and the potential it holds to unlock the infinite possibilities for our lives and the world. Brittany’s visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to global healing are both inspiring and transformative, making her a true force for positive change. Brittany and the team at An ARM’s Reach Global™ are shining examples of heart-centered leadership, and her work is paving a path for a more heart-centered world, where love and compassion are the driving forces behind human evolution.

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