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TEDxNewAlbany 2018



Are You Worthy?

Jodi Kempner Collins is the parent of a child with neurodevelopment, medical, and cognitive impairments who seeks to bridge the conversation of disability awareness, rights, and advocacy. She took to the TEDxNewAlbany stage for the second time to expand her ideas on creating an accepting space in our communities for individuals living with disabilities.


The Magic of Believing

Damon is a believer, husband, father, friend, and entrepreneur, who lives by the adage, "How you do anything, is how you do everything." He discusses the importance of believing in yourself, which often contributes to a successful lifestyle.


Develop A Plan, Make The Impossible Possible

Amara Leggett is an accomplished 16 year old who has already graduated from both New Albany High School and Columbus State Community College. Her talk centers around how to form a plan that allows you to do what at first seemed unthinkable, which for her meant graduating from high school and college simultaneously.


Mindfulness Applied

Michelle Patella, the CEO and Founder of ZenithPointe, MiradorWellness, & FinancialVue, discusses tools and techniques to align your time and energy with your core values and highest purpose.


The Invisible Algorithm

Brian Thomas is a technology strategist and consultant who believes technology should be the fulcrum to businesses rather than an afterthought. In his talk, he discusses the "Invisible Algorithm" that is present in our every day lives.


Seeing Beyond Your Privilege

Meagan Warren is a current freshman at Bexley High School whose life revolves around her charity Books For Bedtime, which she founded at age 11. Her talk will focus on breaking out of the middle class bubble and seeing the world in a new light.


Rewire Your Brain To Find The Extraordinary

Julie's talk centers around the question, "Would you live differently if you knew...?" and she will discuss and contrast if life offers us answers and insight that we overlook. She will share an experience in which her heart stopped for over 9 minutes in hopes it may inspire you to look at your life with new eyes


The Unscripted Moments In Life

Chad Willett is a speaker, author, and artist who hopes to inspire men and women of all ages to not only think outside the box of life...but SMASH it. His talk will center around the "Unscripted Moments in Life" and how they define us.

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