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Julie Wilkes

As a heart disease survivor, Julie believes she was given a second chance at life for a reason. She finds that that when she is sharing the inspiration behind her second chance with others, she is living into her life purpose.

Julie is the North American Wellness Lead for a Global Fortune 500 Company, CEO and Owner of Seven Studios (a yoga and fitness studio), published author of The 7 Life Miracles, a Life Coach, a motivational speaker and an entrepreneur, owning several companies, including: aromatherapy product lines, and an online life coaching series.

In Julie's TedX New Albany talk, she will ask the question, 'Would you live differently if you knew..?' and will discuss and contrast if life offers us answers and insight that we overlook.  Julie will share an experience she had when her heart stopped for over 9 minutes in hopes it may inspire you to look at your life with new eyes.

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