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Natalie Burrage

Natalie B. is a natural born healer, conscious entrepreneur, and magician of energy. She works with people to create lives and businesses that turn them on, light them up, and contribute to the world. She created her first business in 2010, a yoga studio by the name of L-Yoga Flow in Gahanna, sold it 8 years later, and has gone on to other entrepreneurial ventures that raise consciousness on our planet. She’s impacted thousands of lives directly over the last 10 years, all who have called her & her gift of transforming lives a "god send" and "something they haven't found elsewhere." Having a background in Kundalini yoga & meditation, Karuna Reiki, and Sacred Activations, she currently shares her love of the tools of Access Consciousness to empower people. Her motto is “If I can do it, you can too. You just need the tools to empower you.”

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