2016 Speakers 

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Juan Alvarez

Messenger. Explorer. Facilitator. 

Dwight Carter

Leader. Learner. Thinker.

Claire Klodell

Writer. Creator. Learner.

Kerri Mollard

Fundraiser. Believer. Driver.

Danny Barren

Dreamer. Trekker. Hunter.

Jodi Kempner Collins

Helper. Empowerer. Mother.

Jim Mahoney

Educator. Motivator. Activator.

Izzy Vendetti

Adventurer. Student. Dynamo.

Doug Brennan

Father. Brother. Son.

Brad Griffith

Engineer. Entrepreneur. PTO Dad. 

David Mitchell

Honest. Caring. Trustworthy. 

Aaron Westbrook

Artistic. Expresser. Doer. 

Shaun Young

Explorer. Listener. Doer. 

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