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TEDxNewAlbany 2019



Be The One

Dawn Heideman is a Jefferson Award winner and a Liberator Award winner. She has been in the teaching profession for 29 years. But in 2015, a traumatic event sparked her to take a new approach to the students she educated.


Do It Scared

Nellie Corriveau built the nonprofit Nellie's Champions for Kids (NC4K), which supports pediatric cancer patients and their families, from the ground up at age 16 years old. She loves connecting with other people to make the world a better place. 


Overcoming Overwhelm

Dr. Reinhart is currently the owner and lead chiropractor at Proactive Health and Wellness in Westerville. He will share how to thrive when the stress in our life overtakes our ability to adapt to it through his own personal experiences.


The Through Line

Chad Willett returned to the TEDx stage to discuss the “Through Line” in our lives! Chad is a speaker, author, and creativity leader who studied at the world famous improvisation school “The Groundlings.”


Leadership Looks A Lot Like Love

Zachariah is a life and leadership coach, speaker, and self proclaimed professional encourager - all inspired by his story of overcoming a life threatening heart condition. His talk will center around how “Love IGNITES Impact.”


A Refugee's Journey of Hope, Homecoming, and The Harshening Debate

Abdi Farah is a Senior Policy Advisor with the US Department of Homeland Security where he serves as a key expert and advisor. He will discuss the resilience it takes to succeed in a new land and the refugee character inherently rooted in the US.


Why Everyone Should Go To Law School

Jana is a Palestinian American from Columbus, Ohio who graduated from The Ohio State University Moritz College of Law. She has been a contributor on ABC, BBC, AlJazeera, and has spoken extensively on issues that impact Muslims in America.


Be Curious

Naomi Patel is a humanist, friend, student, athlete, and an innovator. She will share her life experiences and explain why we must be more empathetic and culturally aware about one another in order to progress as a country.


Thinking Like A Scientist - Outside The Box

Lauren Monowar-Jones formerly worked at the Ohio Department of Education and now works with Ohio state legislators as the Executive Director of the Joint Education Oversight Committee. In her talk, Lauren will discuss how "You May Be A Scientist..."

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