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TEDxNewAlbany 2017


TEDxNewAlbany 2017


Song Performance

Le'anna Smith performs "You Give Me Something" by James Morrison at the 2017 TEDxNewAlbany event.


The Growth Mindset

Ross Hartley, a robotics teacher at Pickerington Ridgeview Junior High and successful triathlete, explains the importance of a growth mindset and the equation that goes along with it, E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome). He shows how this mindset has helped him through his life as a teacher and a triathlete and shares with us how it can help our lives every day through hard work, perseverance, simplicity, and embracing challenges.


My Arranged Marriage

Ashvini wants to remind the world that you never know what can happen until you try. We all have the power to create the life we want, make the best of our lives, and achieve our dreams!


Poetry Performance

Sumeyo Adam performs poetry at TEDxNewAlbany 2017.


Are You a Basset?

Sara Reichley, a Spanish teacher at New Albany High School and mother of two basset hounds shows us how we can learn from dogs. Her basset hounds, Dunkin and Otis, both have a compassionate and earnest love for people, and she explains how we can be just like them. Sara also tells personal anecdotes from her family that inspire us all to love earnestly.


Our Water Crisis is Happening NOW

Katie Vatke, a sophomore at New Albany High School defines for us what the water crisis is. When most of us hear “water crisis”, we think of the drought in California, or maybe the contaminated water in Flint, Michigan, but in reality, the water crisis is much larger than that. It is the issue of privatization of water sources, which could lead to disparity in impoverished nations. Katie shows us how we are affected by the water crisis and what we can do to stop it.


Poetry Performance

Ben Whitted performs a piece of his poetry at TEDxNewAlbany 2017.


Community or Crowd

Doug Ulman, CEO of Pelotonia, differentiates the idea of being a true community vs. being a crowd. During the talk, he highlights what it means to create "intentional collisions" and explains the concept of “what's mine is yours," while intertwining his own personal stories.


What we can Learn from Middle Schoolers

Middle school teacher Scott Guldin used his personal middle school experiences and his observations of his own students to give a talk about what we can learn from the pre-teens. Incorporating comedy and genuine heart felt stories, the ex-comedian suggests we can learn to apologize more and appreciate those who lift us up in times of struggle, just like middle schoolers.


Our Marginalized Warriors

Morgan Raymore gives a talk on how to preserve and protect the world's most undervalued warrior, the marginalized woman. In her talk, Morgan addresses common struggles of the marginalized woman and how she can utilize different mediums of self care. Morgan later explains how people, who do not share this struggle, can advocate and become allies for marginalized women.


Following Your "Fun"

Dave Wharton, a former two-time world record-holder and Olympic gold medalist, tells us about his experiences in his swimming career. Dave believes that having fun and nurturing passion are two of the most important aspects to success. After all, how can anything feel like hard work when you’re having so much fun?


Robot Performance

The Digital Eagles demonstrate a robot song and dance performance at TEDxNewAlbany 2017.


Twenty Dollars Later

Brian Reed, the owner of MojoTaGo, shows us how faith has played a role in his life. Faith kept Brian going when he lost his business and his best friend, which eventually led him to a successful food truck business. Brian goes on to discuss how we can apply faith in our own lives.


Desperate for a Library

Pat Losinski, CEO of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, shows us all how we are desperate for a library, whether we realize it or not. Through his many years of experience in the public library system, Pat has seen first hand the need for libraries. Whether it be for those who do not know how to read or those who can’t afford a meal, the library always extends a helping hand.

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