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Ross Hartley

Dynamic. Disciplined. Empathetic.

Ross Hartley is dynamic, disciplined, and empathetic.

Born and raised in Pickerington, Ohio Ross has the opportunity to serve the community that he grew up in. As a Robotics teacher at Pickerington Ridgeview Junior High and cross country coach at Pickerington North, Ross has been able to help lead students and athletes who are in the same shoes he was once in. Ross has also had success as a triathlete, finishing as the national runner up in his age group 4 different times and earning a Bronze Medal at the 2014 World Championships. Through the lens as an educator, coach, and athlete Ross has experienced how important one’s mindset is in determining their success and happiness. Specifically focusing on a simple equation that rules our daily lives, Event + Response = Outcome, Ross will be examining the Response piece of this equation with a growth mindset

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